Sang Architects is a family-based firm with a multi-generational commitment to design and the arts. Building on the architectural practice founded by Ron Sang in 1969, the firm has successfully completed many high-profile homes and commercial buildings in Auckland, throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Ron Sang ONZM is a Registered Architect with over 45 years of experience, many awards and hundreds of buildings to his credit. A long-standing patron of the arts, Ron is also the publisher of a series of highly regarded art books showcasing New Zealand artists. He is also the Co-Chair of the Auckland Chinese Garden Committee.

Darryl Sang ANZIA B Arch B Eng works with his father Ron, and is a Registered Architect who has been practicing for 25 years in London and New Zealand. He is also a qualified engineer who brings a practical knowledge of construction and materials. Together, Ron and Darryl have been responsible for some of New Zealand’s most iconic buildings. Darryl is a Certified Passive House (Passivhaus) Designer and can use his high level of technical expertise to design low energy use buildings that are healthy, warm and comfortable to live in throughout the year.

Meiling Lee MFA Dip Des is a practicing artist with wide-ranging expertise in interior, book and mosaic design. She brings a trained eye and imaginative rigour to every project she works on. Meiling is a member of the Auckland Chinese Garden Committee and DUST Art Collective.

Janice Au is an Architectural Graduate from 2010 and has since worked on a range of commercial, educational and residential projects. She brings a sophisticated understanding of modern design principles as well as expertise in managing and coordinating projects.

Our approach

Collaboration, sustainability and an artistic sensibility are the threads that run through every project we undertake. Underpinning it all is a deep commitment to people-centred design. We enjoy working with families, individuals and businesses that are focussed on an inspiring and practical design solution, keen to tread lightly on the earth and create something lasting and sustainable.

These are values we live every day. Darryl has a deep commitment to a wholefood plant-based organic diet whilst Mei Ling maintains an organic vegetable garden to meet the family’s needs. Individually and as a team, we combine a passion for the arts with a commitment to producing soundly based architecture that adds to the quality of life.

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