What is a Passive House?

The Passive House (or Passiv Haus) approach can be applied to any type of building: large or small, low-rise or high-rise, residential or commercial, a home, an apartment, school, healthcare facility, office or factory. 

The goal is to create buildings that are warm, comfortable and healthy, with fresh, clean air and no mould or condensation, while using very little energy for heating and cooling. This is achieved by a ‘Fabric First’ approach, focusing on the passive parts of the building envelope. 

A Passive House design typically involves superior performance windows and high levels of insulation and air-tightness for the floors, walls and roof. If these components perform to a high standard, there’s no need to add a lot of active equipment and pump in extra energy to stop the building over-heating or getting too cold.

Proven performance

The Passive House (Passiv Haus) approach was developed in Germany using a thoroughly researched, measured and verified Building Science approach. It relies on site-specific building systems and proven materials to ensure energy efficiency and a comfortable, healthy indoor environment with no condensation or mould throughout the life of the building. 

There are now thousands of Certified Passive Houses around the world, with Passive House becoming the new building standard in many regions. A Passive House settlement is being built in the city of Gaobeidian in Hebei Province, China. It will be the largest energy efficient settlement in the world, boasting about one million square metres of living spaces.

Long-term savings

By focusing on the site aspect, building envelope and quality materials, Passive House design minimises the need for active heating or cooling systems. You will enjoy a warm, well-ventilated home that requires very little additional energy.

Suitable for any site or building

The Passive House methodology can be applied to any combination of location, aspect, climate, building type, building size or construction system. Create a unique design that reflects your desire and delivers comfort from the first day you move in. 

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