Why choose us?

Experience and vision

Sang Architects combines decades of architectural expertise with sustainability in the heart of everything we undertake. We aim to understand your priorities and the way you intend to live and work and develop a great solution for your brief. Regular meetings will ensure you are kept informed at every stage of the building process.

One example: a multigenerational home. An extended family of parents, adult children and grandchildren who wished to create a home that met all their needs. By spending time with them as a group, Sang Architects developed a design with connected, shared and personal living spaces across multiple levels. The design was flexible yet coherent – a unique solution to support all their aspirations.

Our experience will also make the process easier. With expertise in architecture and the technical aspects of construction, as well as a thorough understanding of the Council consent process, we can ensure any issues are identified and resolved. 

If you are not familiar with the building process, we can explain what's happening every step of the way. In the meantime, you can take a look at the simple-to-follow diagrams below that shows the building process in 9 key stages. Your project will have its own unique requirements, which we can discuss during our first meeting with you.

Working with you

The diagram below illustrates the building process in 9 Key Stages.
Your project is unique and will have its own requirements. We can discuss all this at our first meeting with you.

You can download Sang Architects 9 Key Stages for a Great Build
You can download Sang Architects 優秀‮程流九的計設築建

Sang+Architects+8+Key+Stages+for+a+Great+Build+v4 (1).jpg
Sang+Architects+優秀建築設計的九步流程 (1).jpg


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